Play of the Day…Floral Stone Tracery Scarves

Play of the day… what I finished this week is a new group of Floral Stone Tracery scarves. These scarves are designed with a stone wall base and accented with various stone tracery effects of the Gothic Style Architecture theme I have been working on. I put a hand spun rose in the centre to reflect the Rose Windows on many of these amazing buildings. To finish off these new scarf designs a Neutral Rose hand warmer with a hand spun rose in the centre and hand painted yarns through out.

I am currently working on the larger pieces to this collection so come back soon for a peek. Also working on various floral designs. Check out my Etsy store at or website for more designs and where you can purchase them Keep warm and cozy as winter approaches.

Hand Painted Garden

Hand Painted Garden Scarf
Hand Painted Garden Scarf

The Hand Painted Garden scarf is another version of my Hand Spun Garden.  I wanted to do a different combination of yarns using only hand painted yarns on this design.  The blue grey background is one of my favourite colours in this hand painted merino wool.  It is reminiscent of the midnight sky with some muted flowers light by the  moonlight strewn around the garden path.  This is one of  my newest designs that will be available in other colours or an all ivory one for the classic touch.

I will be adding a new scarf collection soon…the Contempo Scarf Collection.  You can view more pictures and information about this scarf on the link below:

I hope today finds you with great inspiration to try something new.  Have a great one!