Play of the Day…Floral Stone Tracery Scarves

Play of the day… what I finished this week is a new group of Floral Stone Tracery scarves. These scarves are designed with a stone wall base and accented with various stone tracery effects of the Gothic Style Architecture theme I have been working on. I put a hand spun rose in the centre to reflect the Rose Windows on many of these amazing buildings. To finish off these new scarf designs a Neutral Rose hand warmer with a hand spun rose in the centre and hand painted yarns through out.

I am currently working on the larger pieces to this collection so come back soon for a peek. Also working on various floral designs. Check out my Etsy store at or website for more designs and where you can purchase them Keep warm and cozy as winter approaches.

3 responses to “Play of the Day…Floral Stone Tracery Scarves”

  1. The browns and blues are beautiful together in the scarves. Very nice.

    1. I love hand painted yarns, they are always full of amazing colours. Thanks.

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