New Architectural Designs photo page

Architectural Designs by Valerie Baber

Added a new photo page on my Blog with various pictures of my Architectural adventures over the years with fibre. I had the honour of designing for various galleries which often included my architectural pieces some shown here. My love for architecture began while taking Interior Design. Since then it has been a passion for me to create designs with knitting and crochet that are inspired by the amazing artists, designers, architects and all the people involved in making such extraordinary buildings of the past. This is a small sample of the many designs I have created with an architectural theme. You can link to the page below that shows more of my architectural designs.

Architectural Designs – Valerie Baber Designs

I hope to pattern some of these designs and other crochet patterns with an architectural essence this year. A wonderful customer has recently sent me various photos of beautiful cathedrals etc. in France and I am looking forward to using them for a new architectural inspiration and creating a new crochet pattern from these wonderful photos. Thank you Marie for sending them to me. I really appreciate it! It is great having photos from your travels instead of relying on the internet. Here are a few of the inspiring photos below:

One day I hope to travel to France and other European locations. Fun fact: We do have a small piece of France on the East Coast of Canada! It is a French Territory. You can read more on these links below.

St Pierre & Miquelon – Current French Territories In North America – WorldAtlas

Top Tips for a Visit to Saint-Pierre and Miquelon – Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada (

Enjoy the inspiration in your life today. You never know where it will come from. Perhaps someone who lives in another country will help direct you in your newest adventure like my renewed inspiration to design architectural crochet pieces because a customer was so kind to share their travel photos with me. I can’t wait to begin designing with these photos and other architectural features from buildings of the past.

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Have a fibertastic day!

Architectural Inspiration scarf – Milan Cathedral

More Architectural Inspiration scarves with a floral stone tracery feel.  All of these designs are available for order at  This group of scarves new this season were inspired once again by the many Gothic Cathedrals of the past especially the Milan Cathedral.  This amazing building was designed and built by many architects, artists, craftsmen and so many more.  It is one of the most decorated Gothic Cathedrals that took over 200 years to build.  The various architects used a lot of floral inspiration in their stone tracery throughout the Milan Cathedral as shown below.

The various floral accents on the Floral Tracery Gothic Cathedral Inspired scarves were inspired by the Milan Cathedral and other Gothic Cathedrals of the past.  As mentioned in  my previous blogs I will be restarting my Architectural project as you can see why.  There is so much inspiration that I felt I needed to go another direction and begin my project with various Architectural buildings to pull my inspiration from.  I will be adding these designs to my work soon for Fall and Winter 2015/16.

It amazes me the incredible amount of work that has gone into these beautiful buildings.  I am awed at their creativity and design as each Gothic Cathedral stands alone in unique stature expressing the Architect, Artist and Craftsmen ideas and design skills that have stood for many years in their beautiful strength.  The Gothic Architecture era had a huge impact on how we design and build today.

Check my website soon for dates I am at the local St. Albert Farmers Market in the fall as well some of my work will be at another booth by the library at the Wiggles and Giggles booth.  Website:

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Have yourselves a wonderful week full of inspiration!

A Desperate Fortune Scarf for Author Susanna Kearsley

A Desperate Fortune Scarf and hand warmers designed for Author Susanna Kearsley and her newest book “A Desperate Fortune”.  This one of a kind design was designed from the inspiration that Susanna used for her newest book.  Take a trip into the past and present with this extraordinary book with a cryptic journal from the past telling a secret story in the present day of this written book.  A fabulous read that includes suspense, deception, allegiance and love that will entice you through each chapter with plenty of visually written moments.  Plenty of twists and turns to entertain you throughout the book and as always a surprise ending.  I absolutely love this book, it is a must read so add it to your list soon.

I am fortunate that Susanna is a most wonderful friend and I thank her for asking me to work with her on this wonderful adventure.  Like the two women in her book working separately, yet together though they lived far apart in time and Susanna and I in distance.  It is a true pleasure being a friend of Susanna’s and I am so very proud of all she has done and continues to do.  Awesome job my friend on your newest book!!! One of my new favourites by far!

The A Desperate Fortune collar style scarf (small scarf) and hand warmers are available for purchase together or separately at  takes about 1 to 2 weeks to make. See more information about them at my Etsy store.

The present day character Sara wears various scarves through out the book and originally I thought of designing a scarf that included these various scarves.  The Architectural descriptions in Susanna’s latest novel were speaking louder likely since I have been greatly inspired by Architecture of the past in my work this past year.  I couldn’t wait to begin this newest member of my Architectural designs just for Susanna.  Below are some pictures of the building Susanna was influenced by in her description of the building in the book.  Susanna’s description:  “The building with the windows is the chapel inside the old chateau of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, in France, which once housed the exiled Stuart kings of Britain and their courtiers. For me, having written for several years now about these people and their lives, actually getting to stand on this spot was a very moving moment, as this chapel would have been at the centre of their daily routines”.

You can read the first two chapters of this wonderful book here:

I began this journey into the past for the A Desperate Fortune Scarf with a crochet base of a light coloured stone as shown in the pictures above.  Adding green at the bottom for the stained glass effect that the stone tracery would be adhering to down the road.  You can see more of the progress in the pictures below as I design the stone tracery and add the brick colour to the scarf and hand warmers.  There are two brooches that accent this scarf so you can wear it in various ways and use them to fasten the scarf.  The are both Stained Glass Rose windows that were designed for these wonderful Architectural buildings of the past.

For the “A Desperate Fortune” scarf I used beautiful yarn from SweetGeorgia Yarns, a Canadian Company, who dyes yarn in wonderful colours that portray their local area and Canada.  A fitting yarn to use since both Susanna and I are Canadian.  The colours were perfect for this design with the light stone colour being the Birch colour way, the stained glass is the Woodland Colour way of greens and the brick is done in the Terra Firma colour way.  All yarns were by SweetGeorgia Yarns in the Superwash Merino wool blend.  SweetGeorgia yarns are as noted in the name, SWEET!  One of my favourite yarns to work with, luxuriously soft and the colours are truly fantastic.  I recently took a visit to Vancouver and popped into the store to see the latest colours and newest yarns for this year.  They are even more delectable and wonderful than ever.  I can’t wait to use them in my next series of designs.

Be sure to check out SweetGeorgia’s website at  


I am off to work on some new Architectural designs and new designs for Fall.  Come back soon to see my latest as well I am restarting my Architectural project as there was so much inspiration in my research that I have decided to go a different direction.  I will blog my start on that very soon.  Have a most wonderful day today.

Architecture in Crochet Project – Exeter Cathedral Stone tracery #3

Architecture in Crochet Project – Exeter Cathedral Stained Glass Window with Stone Tracery part 3.

With a 3 D effect in the crochet I have added some shading and depth to this beautiful window.  I have used two different techniques to achieve this look one style on the frame of the window and another on the circles as I begin to build the stone tracery of this intricate window design.  The pieces are not sewn on yet and will have a more finished look once I do down the road.  I think I will design more of the stone tracery before I start sewing the pieces on to make sure I like where it is going in scale etc.

Here are a few links to some great YouTube videos on Gothic Architecture: (Thanks Deb for the suggestion of checking out these fabulous video’s)

Off I go to tackle the next part of the Exeter Cathedral Stained Glass Window.  Have a wonderful and inspiring day!

Play of the Day…Floral Stone Tracery Scarves

Play of the day… what I finished this week is a new group of Floral Stone Tracery scarves. These scarves are designed with a stone wall base and accented with various stone tracery effects of the Gothic Style Architecture theme I have been working on. I put a hand spun rose in the centre to reflect the Rose Windows on many of these amazing buildings. To finish off these new scarf designs a Neutral Rose hand warmer with a hand spun rose in the centre and hand painted yarns through out.

I am currently working on the larger pieces to this collection so come back soon for a peek. Also working on various floral designs. Check out my Etsy store at or website for more designs and where you can purchase them Keep warm and cozy as winter approaches.

Stained Glass Rose Window Scarf…Architectural Scarf Collection

The Stained Glass Rose Window Scarf is one of my newest designs in my Architectural Collection. As I chatted about in my previous blog I adore vintage buildings and the amazing and exquisite architecture of the past. Stained Glass windows have always caught my attention in these beautiful buildings of the past and current. Perhaps that is why about 10 years ago I took classes on Stained Glass and made various pieces for my home. The time, skill and artistry that goes into designing and making one small window is an enormous task, but worth every moment when you see the light dancing through the wonderful colours of the pattern.

I have been thinking of designing a knitted version of Stained Glass for a while now and this is one of my first tries. Gothic Architecture incorporates many stained glass windows as the flying buttresses used in design made it possible to have many more windows than previous architecture design. I believe this is a big reason why I love this Architecture so very much. A stained glass window has two sides with different effects on each of them. I have tried to portray this in this scarf and the Gothic Stained Glass Rose Window Scarf brooch below.

Gothic Stained Glass Rose Window Scarf
Gothic Stained Glass Rose Window Scarf

You can purchase this design at:

The base is done in a stone coloured hand painted merino wool and other various colours of the same for the stained glass. I have done a crochet trim of crockets that are often seen on Gothic Architecture with pointed arches around the window. The Stained Glass Rose Window scarf is designed with the part of the embellishment reflecting the elaborate stone tracery in a floral shape representing the view of the rose stained glass window from the outside of the building. A small section shows the view of the stained glass window from the inside of the building with the beautiful stained glass colours and the “metal” pieces holding the glass together. Accented with a beautiful metal bronzed button that gives the look of the stone tracery seen on the Architecture of this era. A metal clasp adorns this scarf so you can open the “Stained Glass Window” and wear this Architecturally designed scarf.

Tracery and elaborate stone features were an exquisite feature of these beautiful works of art. This design is made with a stone coloured base of beige and neutrals in a hand painted merino wool. The Stained Glass window is accented with pointed arches and crockets seen on most Gothic Cathedrals and buildings of that era. I have added a small clear button on the back of the window to help secure the scarf.

Gothic Rose Window
Gothic Rose Window

Architectural Inspired Scarves – Gothic Cathedrals, Stained Glass, Stone Walls…

Gothic Stained Glass Rose Window Scarf
Gothic Stained Glass Rose Window Scarf

Gothic Cathedral Scarf
Gothic Cathedral Scarf

Vintage Stone Wall Cowl Scarf
Vintage Stone Wall Cowl Scarf

Gothic Inspired Architectural designs is my newest collection coming for Fall 2014. For years I have been inspired by the amazing Architecture of the past. While taking my Interior Decorating and Interior Design the one group of courses I couldn’t get enough of were Art and Architectural History. The fact that one building can take various decades and more to complete with various architects, designers, painters and the many people it takes to achieve these greatly detailed features of the architectural buildings of the past. I could go on and on about this subject, but it would take a life time to talk about it all.

These are the first 3 pieces of my Architectural Collection. I am currently working on other Architectural inspired designs I will be adding soon to this collection. They will likely continue to be a big part of my designs in the future. These were all inspired by the Gothic style Cathedrals and buildings of that era. Some of the most elaborate of all the past architectural buildings.

Gothic Stained Glass Rose Window Scarf
Gothic Stained Glass Rose Window Scarf
This first is the Gothic Stained Glass Rose Window Scarf. The Gothic Stained Glass Rose Window Scarf is inspired by the architectural features of the Gothic Cathedrals of the past. This sculptural Gothic Stained Glass scarf has an embellished Stained Glass Rose Window which was a prominent feature on Gothic Cathedrals and buildings of that era. Can be worn with or without the brooch.

The brooch is designed with the half the brooch being the view of the Rose Window from the outside looking in the the elaborate tracery of stone and a hint of the colours of stained glass beneath. The other side of the Stained Glass Brooch shows the view of from the inside of the cathedral with the more vibrant colours dancing about and the detailed metal pieces holding the work together. Tracery and elaborate stone features were an exquisite feature of these beautiful works of art. This design is done on a vintage essence base which adds to the overall effect.

Two metal buttons on the scarf are reminiscent of the Quartrefoil shape often seen on the Gothic Inspired Cathedrals and buildings.

Gothic Cathedral Scarf
Gothic Cathedral Scarf
The second scarf is the Gothic Cathedral Scarf and is inspired by the architectural features of the Gothic Cathedrals of the past. This sculptural Gothic Cathedral scarf has an embellished cathedral brooch designed with the pointed arches and crockets often often seen on the great spires used on these amazing cathedrals.

The brooch is in the shape of a cross in retrospect of the usual architectural design of the Gothic cathedrals. Tracery and elaborate stone features were an exquisite feature of these beautiful works of art. This design is done on a vintage essence base which adds to the overall effect.

Two metal buttons on the scarf are reminiscent of the Quartrefoil shape often seen on the Gothic Inspired Cathedrals and buildings.

Vintage Stone Wall Cowl Scarf
Vintage Stone Wall Cowl Scarf
The third scarf is the The Vintage Stone Wall Inspired Scarf and is inspired by the architectural features of the Castles, Cathedrals, Homes and other buildings of the past. This Vintage Stone Wall Cowl scarf gives the essence of the texture and various colours of the elaborate and beautiful stone features, walls and more of the past Architectural buildings.

You can purchase these at

Perfect to keep you warm and cozy with the hand painted merino wool and accented with two wood buttons that reflect the amazing tracery of stone on these wonderful architectural designs of the past.

This is just the beginning of the Architectural Collection so pop by soon to see what is new…..