New Architectural Designs photo page

Architectural Designs by Valerie Baber

Added a new photo page on my Blog with various pictures of my Architectural adventures over the years with fibre. I had the honour of designing for various galleries which often included my architectural pieces some shown here. My love for architecture began while taking Interior Design. Since then it has been a passion for me to create designs with knitting and crochet that are inspired by the amazing artists, designers, architects and all the people involved in making such extraordinary buildings of the past. This is a small sample of the many designs I have created with an architectural theme. You can link to the page below that shows more of my architectural designs.

Architectural Designs – Valerie Baber Designs

I hope to pattern some of these designs and other crochet patterns with an architectural essence this year. A wonderful customer has recently sent me various photos of beautiful cathedrals etc. in France and I am looking forward to using them for a new architectural inspiration and creating a new crochet pattern from these wonderful photos. Thank you Marie for sending them to me. I really appreciate it! It is great having photos from your travels instead of relying on the internet. Here are a few of the inspiring photos below:

One day I hope to travel to France and other European locations. Fun fact: We do have a small piece of France on the East Coast of Canada! It is a French Territory. You can read more on these links below.

St Pierre & Miquelon – Current French Territories In North America – WorldAtlas

Top Tips for a Visit to Saint-Pierre and Miquelon – Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada (

Enjoy the inspiration in your life today. You never know where it will come from. Perhaps someone who lives in another country will help direct you in your newest adventure like my renewed inspiration to design architectural crochet pieces because a customer was so kind to share their travel photos with me. I can’t wait to begin designing with these photos and other architectural features from buildings of the past.

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Have a fibertastic day!

Elegant Lace Poncho – Architectural Inspiration

The Elegant Lace Poncho style garment with an Architectural Inspiration is one of my latest creations.  As I continue to expand my inspiration from Architectural features and buildings of the past I keep wanting to try bigger and bigger pieces.  Each time I finish a new piece I feel new ways to create the next step to a more detailed and unique design.

I wanted to try designing various Rose Window style crochet pieces and fit them together in an asymmetrical way to reminisce the effect of the many years it takes to design these extrodinary buildings and the various Artist, skilled and talented Architects, Designers and those who made these amazing works of Art.  To portray this effect I used the various styles of Rose Windows and complete the design with a different look on every side of the garment to show how different designers over the vast amount of years would change the design depending on what their inspiration was and yet when put together it flows well.

This Architectural Inspiration journey is constantly evolving in my mind.  I will be starting a more in depth project soon.


Stained Glass Rose Window Scarves

The newest additions to my Stained Glass Rose Window scarves includes several new designs. The first two are my larger collar versions with a different more 3D effect to accentuate the beautiful carved stone on Gothic and other Architecture of the past. You can read more about my Architectural Collection in my past blogs or check out my Etsy store for more information at The Stained Glass ear warmer is perfect to keep you warm and add that special unique touch to your wardrobe. I will be working on some fingerless gloves to go with the Stained Glass Collection soon. One of the larger scarves in this collection is shown in the last picture. It will be available in various colours down the road that have a stone wall colour way.

The Architectural Collection is my most recent inspiration and I am so very excited to continue this path. So many more designs in my mind to knit or crochet so pop by soon for more unique designs. I hope you are inspired to try something new today. You never know where that will lead.