Elegant Lace Poncho – Architectural Inspiration

The Elegant Lace Poncho style garment with an Architectural Inspiration is one of my latest creations.  As I continue to expand my inspiration from Architectural features and buildings of the past I keep wanting to try bigger and bigger pieces.  Each time I finish a new piece I feel new ways to create the next step to a more detailed and unique design.

I wanted to try designing various Rose Window style crochet pieces and fit them together in an asymmetrical way to reminisce the effect of the many years it takes to design these extrodinary buildings and the various Artist, skilled and talented Architects, Designers and those who made these amazing works of Art.  To portray this effect I used the various styles of Rose Windows and complete the design with a different look on every side of the garment to show how different designers over the vast amount of years would change the design depending on what their inspiration was and yet when put together it flows well.

This Architectural Inspiration journey is constantly evolving in my mind.  I will be starting a more in depth project soon.


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