Artist of the Month…Art Gallery of St. Albert and the St. Albert Gazette

Artist of the Month
Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month…Art Gallery of St. Albert and the St. Albert Gazette.  Thank you both so very much for asking me to be a part of this great series at the Art Gallery of St. Albert and the St. Albert Gazette.  I am honoured that you have chosen me to be a part of this amazing community of wonderful Artists.  Thank you Scott Hayes of the St. Albert Gazette for such a wonderful article on my designs and my design process.  You have a great way of expressing in written words what the Artist is about and more.  Thanks so much for all your hard work and fantastic article.  You can view this article on page 51 of the St. Albert Gazette E edition here: PDF  st albert gazette1

You can purchase these designs in the pictures on the article and many others at the (Art Gallery of St. Albert) as well as many other creations made by local Artists.  Thanks too for the wonderful pictures in the article above.

Thank you also to all my customers who have purchase my designs in the past and in the future.  You are the ones who inspire me the most to create new and exciting designs.  I am working on more new styles for fall including more architectural pieces as well as more sculptural designs.  Check back often to see what I am working on next.

Most of all be inspired by your surroundings everyday and look around you to see what you can view in a different light today.  Thanks again to all of you and have the most wonderful day!

You can view more designs on or my website at

Interview with HanTV and the Alberta Craft Council

Watch the online interview with HanTV and Claire Seo, the Alberta Craft Council and Tom McFall and myself at

Thank you HanTV and the Alberta Craft Council for asking me to be a part of this wonderful opportunity.  It truly is appreciated that you have given me another opportunity to try something new both in the Artist Spotlight and inspiration towards the Architectural Designs and interview with HanTV.  Also thanks to the Camera Man  who did an amazing job filming and editing this interview.

Thank you all for your continued support in my design career.  I appreciate all of you and wish you all a wonderful New Years and year to come.  All my very best!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!! I wish this to all of you (a little late on the Christmas part).  Hope you are all having a wonderful time with family and friends.

The weeks before Christmas I was busy designing a few new pieces, orders and a TV interview with Breakfast Television in Edmonton and an interview with Han TV (both thanks to the Alberta Craft Council) that will be posted at a later date.  As mentioned in my previous blog the Alberta Craft Council had asked me to be the Artist Spotlight for December and I am truly thank for for this opportunity as it helped me think out of the box and begin my Architectural Collection as you can see from some of my latest pieces above.  You can check out my interview on Breakfast Television below which shows some of my work at the Alberta Craft Council.


If you haven’t been to the Alberta Craft Council check out these next two videos showing a tour of many of the works of Art at the Alberta Craft Council Gallery store.   (Breakfast Television:   (Han TV:

The Alberta Craft Council is a wonderful place for unique local made gifts with all price points and styles of Artwork.  It has various galleries to view as well while you are there.  A great place to select hand made gifts and support your local community.  Check it out soon it will amaze you!

Thanks to the Alberta Craft Council for their continued support and to Han TV and Breakfast Television for the wonderful opportunities the give to Artists throughout the year.

Have a wonderful New Years and year to come!  All my very best,  Valerie