Happy New Year – My first new scarf design for 2015

Stone tracery rose window scarf long
Stone tracery rose window scarf long

Happy New Years to all of you.  I just finished, literally, my first new scarf design for 2015.  Last year I decided to make the first scarf design of the year for myself to start the year and give myself a bit of a bonus for all the work I did in the previous year.  This year since my biggest inspiration and joy in design has been working on my Architectural collection I decided to make this new addition to the collection.  I am so excited to continue this venture this year as there are many ideas I must design and continue my journey of Architecture and the inspiration that it beholds.

This is my newest member of the Architectural collection, the Stone Tracery Rose Window scarf, Long version.  Made with hand painted merino wool in an ivory stone colour and a darker beige to show a the shadow effect and darker features of the window beneath the stone tracery.  Edged in stone tracery with crockets on the edges found on my Gothic Cathedrals and Architecture of the past.  Three different sizes of Rose Windows adorn this scarf to add a tapered look and finish to the design.

I am happy with the outcome as if you look back at my other smaller designs you will see my progression towards this scarf.  It’s a wonderful moment when you achieve in your finished design what you have been busy designing in your head and at last see the finished product.  I have enjoyed every moment of the Architectural venture and can’t wait to begin some bigger projects on my list.

Stay tuned to see more as I am currently working on a version of the Stone Tracery Rose Window long scarf at the top with the stained glass rose window in the background.  This scarf above as well as many others are available on my Etsy store at http://www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com   I also sell at other stores locally like the Alberta Craft Council Gallery store http://www.albertacraft.ab.ca  and the Art Gallery of St. Albert http://www.artgalleryofstalbert.ca



3 responses to “Happy New Year – My first new scarf design for 2015”

  1. How lovely these are. I really do like the-peeking-from-behind aspect to them. They have more depth and thought behind them. I really like that detail.

  2. Your design is so beautiful! I love the flower shapes and the metallic buttons and the closure!

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