Midnight Garden Shawl – Second version


The Midnight Garden Shawl – second version.  I was asked by a customer if I could make her one of my Midnight Garden Shawls which was one of my first free form type shawls.  I don’t usually keep notes or pattern write for my free form style pieces so that I can keep them One of a Kind, but luckily I do take a lot of pictures and used them as my basis to design from making changes along the way to make this newest member of the Midnight Garden Shawls unique.  This time I wrote it down so that I may reuse this design to make other shawls etc. with a similar design essence.

The Midnight Garden shawl is a One of a Kind Wearable Art Shawl made with 100% Hand Painted Merino Wool. Soft and luxurious high quality yarn that is hand painted with a stunning colour way of Teal and a Midnight colour of deep purple,  blue, green and tones in between.

The Midnight Garden Shawl is designed with the thoughts of walking through a garden in the late evening, Midnight Garden. The colours portray this feeling with the different crochet used throughout the design.

Starting from the Neckline of the Shawl I will tell you the story of the design. It starts with the Teal green which represents all the green in the garden and in this case the green grass on either side of the walkway, which is the stripe of Midnight yarn through the middle. As you walk along the path you see the flowers dancing along the side of the walkway at the bottom of the shawl. They are attached with crochet to give the essence of the vines and such you seen through the garden.  The ruffles are the vine like plants you see throughout the garden walk. This is how I interpreted this walk in my Midnight Garden.

The Midnight Garden was a true pleasure to design and Crochet and I look forward to designing more shawls soon.

You can see more of my designs on my Etsy store at http://www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com  or my website at http://www.vbaberdesigns.com  My most recent work is on my Etsy store.

This particular Midnight Garden Shawl is going on a trip to Austria which is exciting as I have never been there.

4 responses to “Midnight Garden Shawl – Second version”

  1. What a beautiful shawl. I love the color.

    1. Thanks very much. Two of my favourite colours too!

  2. It is great to read the story. The colors are lovely, they would also work for for an ocean themed shawl of a deep still cove. You should ask your customer for some “on location” pictures of the shawl in Europe, that would be so cool.

    1. Absolutely. I love designing items that remind me of the water, beach and being by the ocean. Its where I should be living. 🙂

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