New Party of Five Mini Skeins

Hi!  I am finally back blogging.  I have been away dealing with some injuries that included my arms and hands, but now that I am one the mend I can type again! 🙂  Here are two of the newest Party of Five mini skeins sets from SweetGeorgia Yarns now available at or  Lots of other colours are available too!  I have sales on the yarns periodically to pop by often to see them.

The first one is the Seashore colour set that goes from the colours of the sand from the to the waters edge and beyond as you look into the horizon.  On a side note there is a new patterned designed by myself and available through SweetGeorgia yarns that uses this new colour way.  It is available in April so stay tuned and I will let you know.

The second colour set is called escape.  It is a lovely colour way perfect for spring with the gradient peach to salmon toned orange colour and the lovely blues.  Perfect for your next project.

See more Party of Five colour sets and other yarns, patterns, scarves at my links above.

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