New crochet adventure: Tapestry Crochet! A wonderful way to create crochet designs with colour.

With snow falling gently around I was inspired to venture out and try a new crochet adventure while sitting by the fireplace staying warm and cozy with my hook and some yarn in hand. I love working with colour and always love intarsia and fair isle knitting. I love the interesting effects and designs you can make with various yarns on one row of knitting or crochet. I couldn’t wait to try the tapestry crochet technique. To begin I practiced with some small tester samples with various little snowflakes and trees. Tapestry crochet is a bit fumbly with your yarn and your hands at first, but once you practice the technique it becomes easier. If you want to try your hand at
Tapestry Crochet I would begin with an easy project and work your way up to the more difficult ones I have shown in the pictures. I turned these small practice pieces into dishcloths by crocheting around them and adding a striped border to finish them off. They are not perfectly done but turned out great for dishcloths. Why waste them when you can turn them into something useful.

Once I got the hang of the tapestry crochet I ventured onto more difficult designs like these winter scene pot holders.

The snowy winter potholder by Raffamusa Designs:

Oh, what fun it is to ride on a one-horse open sleigh! That’s the song that pops into my head when I look at these snowy winter potholders. Reminds me of the times we spent Christmas at our grandparent’s farm, and we would go for a horse driven sleigh ride on Christmas day. The neighbours next to the farm would bring over horses and a wagon and it was such a delightful way to enjoy the beautiful winters day. These potholders were a nice challenge to make but I would suggest them after you have mastered the tapestry crochet technique. They are designed by Raffamusa Designs. She has lots of great tapestry crochet patterns. These are nice small projects to learn on. RaffamusaDesigns

My newest crochet adventure is evolving into beautiful designs for my kitchen and home. I love tapestry crochet and I am absolutely enjoying this new adventure. I can’t wait to see what the journey will continue to unfold. More tapestry crochet adventures coming soon.



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