Tapestry Crochet Adventure #2: Snow is falling with beautiful projects for the home with a wintery touch.

With snow falling and plenty of it on the ground I can help but be inspired by the beauty of it. This time I cozied up with a warm blanket, a cup of ginger tea and put on one of my favourite Christmas movies and started my next tapestry crochet project. I chose 2 different snowflake projects to make. The first one shown below was from a pattern I found on the internet by Leelee Knits Patterns. Leelee Knits Patterns

I couldn’t wait to start this snowflake pattern which I turned into a placemat instead of the potholder it was supposed to be. This way the placemat would match my previous snowy winter potholders I made and showed in my 1st tapestry crochet post. The blue and white is perfect the winter season which here last quite a while and can be very cold at times. A great time of year to spend time inside warm and toasty learning something new that is inspired by the season outside. This pattern was very enjoyable and well written with charts. I love charts, for me they make things more simple and easier to follow. I often add charts to my patterns so help make it easier for people to understand and follow. You can view my many crochet patterns on my Etsy store link here. This pattern also includes a reindeer motif perfect for winter decor too. I used beautiful organic yarn from Krea Deluxe that is an organic cotton available in many amazing colours.

Once I mastered the placemats and made some for our dinner table I wanted to add more snowflakes to my home decor to continue the winter inspired theme. I found this beautiful tapestry crochet snowflake pillow pattern. This design is by Catherine Crochets on Etsy. Catherine Crochets.

The Winter Forest Cushion shown above is a wonderful addition to my home decor. This pattern uses double crochet instead of single crochet which was new to me as I didn’t know you could use dc for tapestry crochet. I really enjoyed making this pillow it was very interesting and the pattern was well written. There are no charts with this pattern but that didn’t matter as it was so nicely arranged and organized it was extremely easy to follow. I am impressed with Catherine’s skills and will be making more of her designs in the future. Perhaps this pillow design would be a beautiful blanket. I think I will add that to my list of crochet projects coming soon. I used beautiful yarn from SweetGeorgia Yarns in the Cashluxe Fine. Who doesn’t want a little cashmere to warm and cozy up your home.

My newest crochet adventure is evolving into beautiful designs for my kitchen and home. I love tapestry crochet and I am absolutely enjoying this new adventure. I can’t wait to see what the journey will continue to unfold. More tapestry crochet adventures coming soon.



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