Cathedral Shawl/Scarf with a Stained Glass Rose Window brooch accent is a one of a kind design.


Cathedral Shawl/Scarf with a Stained Glass Rose Window brooch accent is a one of a kind design made with luxurious hand painted merino wool, merino wool scarf. Can be worn as a shawl or a scarf. This sculptural Gothic Architectural scarf is embellished with quatrefoil accents on the scarf a prominent feature on Gothic Cathedrals and buildings of that era. The Stained Glass Rose Window brooch is inspired by these beautiful buildings and I have added some floral stone tracery and leaves on the brooch like the stone tracery of these elaborate buildings. This design is inspired by the Milan Cathedral with the various pointed arches and crockets on each of these arches with the quatrefoils on each arch as seen on the beautiful cathedral. I have designed it so the scarf is upside down compared to the Milan Cathedral as seen in the pictures.

Each of my ART-chitecture designs is made and designed by myself (Valerie Baber). When I studied Interior Design I fell in love with Architecture of the past and I am often inspired by the amazing artists and designers of those era’s. You can see it in many of my designs including my florals as stone tracery on these buildings are often a combination of flowers.

Made with 100% hand painted merino wool on the base with 80% merino wool and 20% nylon and 100% merino wool on the brooch.

Wearable Art shawl/scarf perfect to warm you and add a special touch to your wardrobe. Wear on your coat or as an accent piece on a shirt or sweater. I only use High Quality Fibres in this Design and always high quality yarns so you can wear them for years to come.


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