Altering the Ocean Breeze

Ocean Breeze Scarf
Ocean Breeze Scarf

This weekend I was busy working on altering one of my designs previously called the Modern Twist Scarf.  This scarf had an embellished broche included.  It just so happened I had made most of them in a selection of blues ranging from darks to lights.

I am in the middle of reworking some of my current designs and making new ones for this fall.  While taking a look at my designs I happened to come across the Modern Twist scarf.  Dreaming lately of sitting on the beach by the ocean and knitting the day away inspired me to incorporate this into the design with the perfect ocean colours.  Isn’t that just about every knitters dream vacation!  You can view more pictures of the Ocean Breeze Scarf at:

While looking at the scarf I noticed the texture actually looks like the waves coming into land and proceeded with that thought in mind to do a make over.  It just felt right to extend part of the front into a wave splashing on the sand, can’t you just hear that lovely sound.  I added a small embellished broche that can be worn on the scarf or another item in your wardrobe with a bit of coral like flair.

For the Ocean Breeze scarf I wanted to keep the piece similar in colour to add softness like the water and sand at your favourite beach.  On my next altered Ocean Breeze design I will do the embellished broche in a much brighter accent to see the contrast and the overall effect.  This link shows the Modern Twist Scarf before my new inspiration:

The Ocean Breeze scarf was made with a collection of Malabrigo hand painted merino and Rios yarns with a touch of  hand spun merino wool.  I am so addicted to Malabrigo yarns as their colours are just stunning and perfect to work with.  I must run and get working on one of my new ones for fall with the Malabrigo Chunky Rasta yarn…..

7 responses to “Altering the Ocean Breeze”

  1. What a gorgeous scarf!

  2. I saw this on your Facebook page and had to jump to the post, I am in love with this!

    1. Thank you. You are so kind! I am tempted to keep this one instead of selling it. Hmmmm

      1. It would be hard to part with that, it really is extraordinary!

  3. You have some fantastic designs!

  4. Thank all for such kindness! Have a fabulous day.

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