Cat Attack…more like playing

Cat Attack…more like playing in this case. I was trying to take photos of one of my newest scarves and fingerless glove style for Fall but my cat had other things in mind. She tends to be a bit of a brat sometimes and has gotten herself in many moments of trouble over the years. She has had more than 9 lives! Apparently she was either insisting on becoming the “Next Top Model” or just a case of stubbornness. None the less she won in the end but I did enjoy the game of who is more stubborn, however she is way to cute for me to stick it out. 🙂

The Eclectic Modern Cowl Collar scarf will be available in various cotton colours and merino wool. There are two clear button on the back of the ends of the straps behind the metal buttons so you can seamlessly attach to the crochet scarf where needed for warmth. A lighter colour or brighter colour will give a different effect with a less eclectic feel depending on the colour choice. You can see more at by Valerie Baber Designs.

I must run and see if my cat has yet to leave her post so I can get a proper photo of this group. Enjoy your day and try something new today!

2 responses to “Cat Attack…more like playing”

  1. I had a cat who would bite my elbows if I played the piano. Anyone else in the house could play, but when I sat down, the cat wanted my attention – and would start to bite. The new look is a fun new look.

    1. Cats are so funny. A friend of mine had a cat that played the piano, walked up and down it, when it wanted to eat! Too funny.

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