NEW! Floral Petunia Hand Warmers have just bloomed at Valerie Baber Designs. Available on my Etsy store. Etsy

Floral Petunias fingerless gloves with pink petunia accents on a ivory merino wool hand warmer, arm warmers. Treat yourself or perfect for a special gift for someone you care about. Great for people who have hand issues like arthritis and other things to help keep your hands warm and more mobile with a beautiful floral accent. I wear them everyday to help keep my hands more mobile so I can design and create beautiful items just for you. Keep your hands cozy and warm anytime of year. Made with luxurious merino wool in beautiful hand painted colours.

Inspired by peaceful moments walking along a garden path surrounded by beautiful flower gardens keeping you warm with memories of summer days. I love petunias. They always adorn my garden in the summer. Petunias are so beautiful and easy to grow where we live. The vast array of colours with the traditional petunias and the fancy ones can add the perfect touch to your garden. The pale pink and mauve petunias are my favourite colours which have inspired my first 2 petunia hand warmers. Other new styles with different flowers and colours are available as shown in the photos below.

Warm your winter with a beautiful scarf or hand warmers from Valerie Baber Designs that you can wear for years to come!

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YARN is available on my Etsy store:  Etsy

HANDMADE SCARVES and other items: Etsy

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Happy crocheting and have a fibertastic day!

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