Elegant Rose Scarves and Hand Warmer Collection Crochet Patterns

A collection of elegant rose inspired designs including 3 styles of scarves and 2 lengths of hand/arm warmers. The Elegant Rose collection is a great addition to any wardrobe and can be made with beautiful neutrals as shown or add colour with the base one colour and the flowers and leaves another. See more information or to purchase on my Etsy store. Etsy store: www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com

For the Elegant Rose Collection I used beautiful yarn from Sweetgeorgia Yarns in the worsted weight yarn. Most other worsted weight yarns will work for this design. Try a hand painted effect with solid coloured roses to pop the floral accent or a beautiful neutral colour as shown for an elegant touch. The inspiration for these designs is a walk through a rose garden enjoying a beautiful warm day and to keep these memories near to warm you on the colder days of winter. The design on the base of the pieces is inspired by the stone tracery of Gothic Architecture of the past on beautiful cathedrals and buildings. These buildings were often embellished with beautiful stone tracery of leaves, flowers and vines. I love adding an architectural essence to my designs.

Various crochet patterns by Valerie Baber Designs are available at:

Etsy store: www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com or Ravelry www.ravelry.com/designers/valerie-baber

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Elegant Rose X Long scarf


The Elegant Rose Scarf is now in an X – Long Style available as a finished handmade scarf and a Crochet Pattern so you can make your own.  I also carry the SweetGeorgia Super Wash Worsted weight yarn this lovely scarf is designed and made with.  You can use most worsted weight yarns to make this elegant scarf.  Available at:



Patterns are also available on Ravelry at:  www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/valerie-baber-designs-ravelry-store/patterns

Other pieces to match are also available as shown here:


The Elegant Rose hat pattern and finished handmade hat is coming soon.  You can now purchase many of these designs at the www.albertacraft.ab.ca locally in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Valerie Baber: a designer with a knack for beauty

Thank you very much Lisa for this amazing blog post on my designs.  I really appreciate all you have done to help me and your wonderfully kind comments.  You are also a great designer and I can’t wait to see your new hand painted yarns you have been working on.  Thank you so much for being so kind.  🙂  See Lisa’s  blog post here:elegant-rose-scarf-collection-lisa-version

If you love knit and crochet accessories that are both beautiful and practical, you really should take a look at ValerieBaberDesigns.  Since 2012, her designs on Etsy have really stood out as both …

Source: Valerie Baber: a designer with a knack for beauty

Elegant Rose Scarf crochet pattern


Elegant Rose Scarf crochet pattern is also available as a finished garment for those who don’t crochet at www.valeriebaberdesigns.etsy.com or www.valeriebaberdesign.com

The Elegant Rose Scarf pattern can be made in a solid colour or in a two toned colour way shown here.  I used the Saltair and the Betwitched colours by Sweetgeorgia Yarns (www.sweetgeorgiayarns.com) which you can also purchase on either of my sites above.  I have more yarn colours that I am showing so if you have a particular colour choice message me and I can show you what I have in stock.  I also sell them on Ravelry at www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/elegant-rose-scarf

Hand warmers are also available in pattern or finished garments.   I will be adding a shorter version soon.



Crochet Pattern: Elegant Rose Scarf


New Elegant Rose Scarf crochet pattern now available to match the Elegant Rose Hand Warmers.  You can purchase these new patterns here:




You can purchase the patterns separately or order Crochet kits for each in various colours on my website and Etsy store.

I used beautiful Worsted Weight yarn from www.sweetgeorgiayarns.com  in this new Snowfall colour of light gray.  The yarn is wonderfully soft and luxurious perfect to compliment this elegant design.

A rose of a day…Sculptured Elegance Rose Scarf

A rose of a day designing a new sculptured scarf that will be available with or without the rose brooch. On weekends I love to leave time to just create with yarn and try new ideas or refresh old ones. This is my creative time where I concentrate on trying something new. My goal and inspiration was to design an off spring of the Rose Onie Scarf that was chunkier perfect for our cold winters, yet elegant and sculptural. A piece you could wear with the rose brooch that would add a more elegant touch with a victorian feel to the design as well wear without the brooch for a more contemporary feel. Once again I have used a lovely soft merino wool in this design. You can see more on the links below as well as purchase.



classic ear warmers neutrals
A few earwarmers that are classic and great for any wardrobe. They will also be available with wonderful pewter coloured buttons and more.


The Sculptured Elegance Scarf can be worn in many different styles as shown in the pictures above. It was also a ducky sort of day while taking photos of this newest design. We spent some time just admiring this group of ducks and their wonderful collection of off spring, just as the new Sculptured Elegance Rose Scarf.

Off I go to be inspired by more Architecture this week with more new designs coming soon. Enjoy your day!