Happy Belated New Years!!

Rose Onie Bulky Scarf Grey Blue
Rose Onie Bulky Scarf Grey Blue

Happy belated New Years to all of you.  Had a wonderful Christmas and New Years with a house full of family.  Great times!  Now I must get back to work playing with yarn (I know, it’s a hard, hard job). 🙂

This year, to celebrate New Year and start off on the right foot, I decided that I would make myself the first scarf of the year.  Kind of a late Christmas present.  I usually don’t have time or take the time to make myself my own designs, not sure why, perhaps I just run out of time.  I find when I am working on something new I decide I will want one of the newest styles instead, yet somehow I keep forgetting to make myself one.  None the less I controlled my desire for my next design dancing around in my head and picked the Rose Onie Bulky X-Long scarf in a lovely Grey Blue Hand Painted Merino Wool by Malabrigo Yarns.  This is done in their Mecha yarn, new this year done in absolutely lovely colour ways and extremely soft.  The best part was finishing the scarf on New Years day!  Great way to start a new year!  I am currently working on some hand warmers for myself to match. Below are a few other colours also available in this cozy warm scarf.

I have been busy working on some new designs for the New Year.  Some will have “One of a Kind” hand spun fibres and other unique yarns.  I love seeing what I can design with specialty yarns, they are a great starting point for something completely unique.  I am looking forward to getting back into more pattern writing later on this year so keep an eye on my blog to see what I design for this end of my work.  I will continue to offer some free patterns to compliment my blog as well this year.

I love a new year, it is the perfect time to reflect on the last year and all you did and accomplished as well look forward to a new year of exciting adventures to come.  Have a wonderful start to your New Year!!

Rose Onie Bulky Scarf Teal
Rose Onie Bulky Scarf Teal
Rose Onie Bulky Scarf Ivory
Rose Onie Bulky Scarf Ivory

2 responses to “Happy Belated New Years!!”

  1. Gorgeous scarf, Valerie. The Rose Onie is my favorite. I look forward to seeing the one you made for yourself.

    1. Thanks very much!! 🙂 This is the one I made for myself. Have a wonderful day.

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