NEW! Floral Scarves with 2 floral brooches, wear it 3 ways.

NEW! The 3 in one Floral Scarves perfect for your Fall and Winter Wardrobe. Each one is one of a kind in the scarf base with corresponding floral brooches including the Rose and Dahlia Brooches. A great addition to any wardrobe adding beautiful memories of summer days to warm the cooler days ahead. Available in these 4 colours only, one of each is available. Other styles are also available see my Etsy store link below for more information.

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Floral Scarf comes with 2 beautiful floral brooches including the rose brooch and the dahlia brooch crocheted with luxurious yarns, handmade and designed by myself (Valerie Baber). Wear this scarf 3 different ways without the brooches for a more contemporary look, with the rose brooch or with the dahlia brooch. A hand painted yarn in blue to green is used on the main part of the scarf in a luxurious merino wool yarn with a touch of nylon for durability in a lovely lace pattern.

There will be various other styles of brooches in the near future you can use on this scarf to change the look of the scarf to suit your wardrobe. Other scarf styles perfect for this design are also available. You can mix and match the scarves and brooches to make many different styles to adorn your wardrobe. A great gift idea or something special for yourself that can be added to in the future with a new brooch.

The floral design adds an elegance and exquisite touch to this your wardrobe. I use high quality yarns, buttons etc. to make each brooch and a easy to pin fastener at the back. Great care is taken by myself to choose high quality yarns and buttons perfect for each design.

I also have various styles of crochet patterns designed by myself and yarn so you can make your own scarf.

All my designs are hand knit and crocheted with great care and durability and can be worn for many years to come. To preserve the yarn and longevity of wear the design must be hand washed and laid flat to dry.

This style of scarf is great for when you want to add a unique and creative touch to your wardrobe. Adds a stylish essence to whatever you wear.

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Happy crocheting and have a fibertastic day

Rose R… The Rose Onie Scarf

Rose Onie Collection
Rose Onie Collection

Roses R… The Rose Onie Scarf and Collection has been keeping me busy these days as I design the new Rose Onie Fingerless Gloves and Head Scarf/Ear Warmer.  This is my all time favourite scarf I have designed, mostly because it is a dedication to my Mother.  My mom was an amazing woman with great strength and wisdom.  She always encouraged us to do our best and try new things.  Her love of the Arts, Music, and being creative has influence all those who knew her.   She was very artistic and always busy creating something new when she had some extra time.

When I decided to design a special scarf for my mother I picked the Rose and off I went to add them to a scarf of leaves and vines.  The sculptural feel and design add a timeless look to the piece. The Rose Onie Collection is now available in other colours as shown in pictures below or click on this link to view.  To add that special touch to the scarf I decided to expand the collection add in the Rose Onie Fingerless Gloves and the Rose Onie Head Scarf or Ear Warmer.

Rose Onie Collection
Rose Onie Collection

Last week my daughter and I decided to have some fun taking pictures of the Rose Onie Collection.   It was a true joy that day, working together like my mother and I used to do.   My mother inspired and continues to inspire me everyday.  My Mother, “Onie”,  was my all time HERO!

Be inspired by those you love now and in the past.  Creating something in memory of them is an amazing therapy and joy.   Do something fun today that brings you happiness and enjoy your day!

You can see more pictures below or at this link or my website at

Have a fantastic day!

The Rose Onie Collection is available in Ivory, Silver Grey, Grey, Black, Red or any combination of these colours from two toned to a single coloured scarf or other piece in the collection.

Rose Onie Scarf
Rose Onie Scarf

rose onie fingerless gloves grey bl3

Rose Onie Fingerless Gloves
Rose Onie Fingerless Gloves